Thursday, June 10, 2010

Schweikert for Congress: The Battle Is On

The keystone fight to take back our government is in Arizona’s Fifth District.
By the end of the day today, the Schweikert campaign needs to raise $10,000.
This is crucial to my battle against extreme liberal Congressman Harry Mitchell whose far-left policies - - arm-in-arm with Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and Harry Reid - - threaten to ramshackle our nation’s Founding principles forever.
I’m fighting to restore our county and take back our government. I need your help today!
With your support we will defeat the liberal left this fall.
The voters of Arizona’s Fifth District are fed-up with Harry Mitchell and they’ve backed him into a corner.
He’s not going down without a fight. The big-spending bosses will try to protect him. We are up against Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, the corrupt unions, Moveon .org, and just about every liberal organization in the country that will try to protect Mitchell.
I ask you to be of courage and support my race.
I am facing a significant fundraising deadline today and I need your help.
I’m fighting against the takeover of our nation’s healthcare system, proposed amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens, more corporate bailouts, higher taxes, more spending, and the crippling debt that is bankrupting our grandchildren’s future.
I will restore the Founding principles of our nation - - limited government, fidelity to the Constitution, individual liberty, and personal freedom.
I need your help now!
If we do not fight for our freedoms, we will lose them.
The battle in Arizona’s Fifth District is to preserve everything we believe in as a People, everything we’ve fought for, and everything the Obama-Pelosi government seeks to take away.
The liberals think they can spend their way to prosperity, but they are wrong. They take from the private sector, raise taxes and redistribute capital, destroying jobs and opportunities.
It doesn’t work!
The request I am making of you comes down to the future of our country. Please support my campaign. This is the battle cry for freedom!
Together, we can roll-back and put a stop to the madness that is coming out of Washington.
It’s time for strong, principled conservative leadership in our nation's capital.
I have fought my entire life to reform government, reduce its cost and size, and make it accountable to the People. I’m a tax cutter who believes that prosperity comes from economic freedom and sound fiscal policies that makes sense to you and me.
I need your support and I encourage you - - Please make a donation and get involved in my campaign.
The challenges we face today are unprecedented, but with your support today we will win in November and take back our government.
I truly appreciate your time and support,

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