Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"It’s time for McCain to retire…give up the keys it’s Hayworth's turn to drive”

From an article in the Tucson Citizen by Jim Kelley. Some excerpts -

Talking about McCain’s attacks on him for pork barrel, earmark spending, JD was unapologetic. “Appropriations are the business of Congress; it is the way the rules are set up that we have to vote on bills without line item vetoes. The line item legislatively directed spending is the result of unrestrained members of Congress. It requires everyone to rely upon the higher natures of the representatives to restrain themselves. Pointing fingers at me for a bridge to nowhere that was entered into the transportation bill that paid for a lot of infrastructure items is just ludicrous. He voted for the bailout that had a heck of a lot of pork. I will say this if I had an opportunity to fund 10,000 Border Patrol agents in Arizona, I’d vote for it in a nanosecond.”

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