Thursday, June 3, 2010

Liberal Horne Struggles Vs Thomas In Debate; Used "Complete Sham" To Boost Test Scores

Horne Engages In “Complete Sham” To Compensate For Poor Results; Fails In First Debate

PHOENIX, ARIZONA.  JUNE 3, 2010.  State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne is running in a GOP primary for Attorney General in which he is being battered for reducing test scores among Arizona students while his opponent, Andrew Thomas, reduced crime during that same period. 

Despite numerous reports confirming Horne’s poor leadership and falling test scores he is busily working trying to rewrite history.  And he is one who certainly knows how to cook the books. 

Back in 2006, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Ryan Gabrielson (East Valley Tribune, 7/25/2006) detailed Horne’s deletion of certain students to boost state test scores.  When asked about Horne’s actions a U.S. Department of Education official labeled them “a complete sham.”

Now, facing the more conservative Thomas and an avalanche of support for him from Arizona law enforcement officials, will Horne do the same? 

Judging by his first debate performance Thursday night he just might.  His support for amnesty for illegal immigrants, taxpayer funding for abortion and opposition to conservative principles on just about . . . anything, took center stage at the debate. 

“I am running against four Democrats for Attorney General and tonight proved again that Tom Horne is among them,” Thomas said. “The Republican race is a clear contrast between a conservative and a liberal and one who successfully reduced crime while in office versus someone who sadly reduced test scores while in charge of our schools.”

For a copy of the Tribune article or for more information please contact Jason Rose. 

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