Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hundreds show up for Sheriff Arpaio's Birthday Party BBQ for JD Hayworth

Notwithstanding the numerous threats of retaliation made by the McCain campaign to JD Hayworth supporters, hundreds showed up last night to celebrate Sheriff Joe's birthday party at the Silver Spur Saloon in Cave Creek. JD Hayworth told the crowd about the latest retaliation threat from the McCain campaign: a supporter who was going to throw a large fundraiser for JD received a threat this past week from the McCain campaign. Fortunately, that supporter is not going to back down; apparently he or she is not in a position where the McCain team can do anything to really hurt them. JD also shared the McCain campaign's tactics to shake down money, by saying to potential contributors, "The Senator will be disappointed if you don't contribute the maximum $5000."  Sheriff Arpaio laughed at McCain's flip-flop TV ad featuring him walking on the border, telling the crowd, "John McCain has finally found the border!" He also pointed out that McCain has never asked him for his advice on illegal immigration, odd considering Arpaio has become a national leader on stopping illegal immigration. (Thanks to Tom Dodson and Barbara Espinosa for some of these pics)

JD, uber-blogger Barbara Espinosa and Vernon Parker

 Future Congressman from CD5, David Schweikert, mesmerizing three women

Joe Hobbs and Tom Dodson looking corny

Uber-blogger Barbara Espinosa's strategically placed bumperstickers

Team Hayworth! With Keith Sipmann, Shane Wikfors and Marcus Kelley

Sheriff Arpaio, next to three empty beer bottles
Sheriff Arpaio, wife Ava and Vernon Parker

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Anonymous said...

Great photos with captions! Thanks for keeping us who did NOT make it informed with photos and your blog!