Monday, June 21, 2010

Company behind the Informercial JD Hayworth appeared in donated $9,400 to McCain

You know the McCain mafia (so-called because of the threats McCain's people have made over the years to anyone who stands up to him, which have increased in force this election year) is REALLY desperate when they start attacking JD Hayworth for, as JD put it tonight on our Roundtable Politics interview, "things like waking up in the morning." The mafia's latest attack is criticizing Hayworth for appearing in an informercial on how to apply for government grants, for a company that was being looked at for airing misleading ads (JD had no idea). It was the same ad that former Congressman JC Watts initially appeared in and recommended to Hayworth. You'll notice that the McCain mafia isn't saying anything against JC Watts. If it really was a serious problem, they would be condemning Watts as well.

What the McCain mafia fails to tell you is that the founder of the company, Michael Millin, donated $9,400 to McCain's 2008 presidential campaign!

Listen to JD discuss the desperate attack earlier tonight on Roundtable Politics, below. 

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