Friday, June 18, 2010

CAP: Streetlight Phoenix Update, Objectification of the Preborn & Church's right to register voters

June 18, 2010

Ephesus, Patmos and the Sea of Galilee

Baptisms in the Sea of Galilee
Baptisms in the Sea of Galilee
My husband Mike and I were blessed recently to accompany Dr. Darryl DelHousaye and Dr. Wayne Grudem on Phoenix Seminary's Holy Land Cruise. At the ruins in Ephesus, we walked where Paul walked. On the island of Patmos, we saw where John was in exile. I could go on and on. For me, the most amazing time was a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, to see where Jesus walked on water. Check out a few trip pictures on our Facebook page. I encourage you to also learn more about Phoenix Seminary

Streetlight Phoenix Update
This week, our CAP team visited the new Streetlight Phoenix Campus that will provide a shelter and refuge for up to 48 young girls abducted into child sex slavery. During the legislative session, it was our privilege to partner with Streetlight to pass HB 2238 which strengthens Arizona laws to protect children against prostitution. The opening of the Streetlight campus is still a few months off, and there is plenty of work left to do. I encourage you to visit their website. Pray for this ministry!

Mythbuster: "Study" Attacks Traditional Family 

A recent study conducted by a homosexual advocacy organization alleged that children raised by two homosexual women do not have negative consequences but rather can outperform children raised in traditional households. Among the study's many flaws, the findings are based on interviews with the homosexual parents themselves. Of course, the mainstream media wasted no time jumping all over this story, praising it in the New York Times, USA Today and other major newspapers. Yet this study contradicts years of scientific research that hasproven time and time again that the best situation for a child is to have a mom and dad 

Neighborhood Ministries Needs Your Help!

Neighborhood Ministries warehouse after fire
NM warehouse
On Wednesday, a fire completely destroyed a Neighborhood Ministries warehouse that held a year's worth of donations. Consider how you might help replenish the items lost by visiting the Neighborhood Ministries Facebook page.  

The Objectification of the Preborn 

Wesley Smith blogged earlier this week about women becoming pregnant via in vitro fertilization (IVF) then aborting the preborn child. Too many view children as a means to make adults happy instead of as gifts entrusted by God to parents. It's no wonder these human lives are treated like a commodity to be created and disposed of at whim 

Your Church's Right to Register Voters 

Only a month remains for Arizonans to register to vote in time for the Primary Election. CAP's newly released Voter Registration Kit has everything you need to hold a voter registration drive at your church. It's critical for you and your pastor to know your legal rights regarding what churches can and can't do in an election season. The kit includes a great resource explaining these rights. For example, did you know your church can register voters, support or oppose a ballot measure, and distribute information on candidate's stances on the issues? Visit for more information 

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