Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Analysis of Hayworth-McCain Rasmussen poll: McCain dropped in points due to third-party candidate Deakin

Great article by Jim Kelley of The Cholla Jumps in the Tucson Citizen -

Clearly the lines are drawn. The support for JD Hayworth has remained consistent since his announcement in February. The support for Jim Deakin has come from disssatisfied McCain supporters as Deakin has risen fom nothing to 7% while McCains numbers fall. Hayworths task is to convince the dissatisfied former McCain supporters that he is more than what the McCain camp says about him. Regardless of where the Deakin voters come from, they noticeably hurt Hayworth and on August 24th, McCain would still win the primary.
The full press by the McCain camp is to discredit Hayworth so much that Deakin will start picking up Hayworth supporters.

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