Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Schweikert for Congress: 22 Crunch!

Schweikert for US Congress
It’s crunch time here at the Schweikert for Congress campaign!
We have a goal to raise $10,000 by Thursday.
Can we do it?
With over 300 volunteers working night and day to help get our common sense conservative message of lower taxes, no bailouts or stimulus plans, a return to smaller government, and real border security - - I need you to be a part of our team today.
We have just 22 days until the end of the month. That marks a critical fundraising deadline.
Unlike Mitchell and his liberal pals, I don’t hold big time fundraisers in Washington with a bunch of high-priced lobbyists. I don’t sell out the votes of my district for another $5,000 check from a liberal labor union.
While my campaign is out talking and meeting with voters in our district, Harry Mitchell is nowhere to be found here in Arizona.
That’s right!
Instead of coming home and actually listening to the concerns of the voters of his district, Harry Mitchell is hobnobbing this weekend with a bunch of liberal donors back east.
We can never forget… We are not just running against Harry Mitchell. This campaign will boil down to be one of the hotbed critical fights against the far-left in 2010.
We are running against President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and just about every liberal organization and labor union in the country.
  • $15 is a crucial show of support
  • $35 pays for a volunteer phonebank line for one month
  • $125 sponsors absolutely vital GET-OUT-THE-VOTE efforts
  • $500 helps cover the cost of radio advertising time
  • $1,750 puts our WINNING message on TV
  • $2,400 is an investment in the most important battleground to defeat the far-left in 2010!
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We will defeat Harry Mitchell and his liberal cronies this November.
Together, we can roll-back and put a stop to the never-ending taxes, spending, and just plain foolish boondoggles of legislation that are coming out of Washington.
I thank you for your support, and together we will win.

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