Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mark Levin responds to National Review's bizarre endorsement of McCain

From his facebook page -

NRO endorses McCain? *UPDATE 

So, NRO finally feels compelled to jump into a primary race and which do they choose? Arizona! This editorial is all wrong.  
First, thanks to McCain's attack on Bush when Bush was trying to institute permanent tax cuts, we will all be facing huge tax increases next year. To say McCain has opposed broad-based tax increases over the years is simply misleading. Moreover, he led the fight for amnesty, cap-and-trade, "patients' bill of rights," closing GITMO, the Gang of 14, and on and on. Now, just in time for his primary, he opposes increasing taxes, insists on securing the boarder before all else, opposes cap-and-trade, opposed Obamacare, is all but silent on GITMO, and the Gang of 14 left more appellate seats open for Obama to fill. 

But when McCain is right he is really right, they say. What? 

Meanwhile, McCain and his operatives have spent millions digging up dirt on Hayworth -- not corruption, not unethical activity, but dirt that will show him to be a hypocrite. Now, this is funny. McCain is flipping and flopping all over the place, but we are to be moved by Hayworth's appearance in that infomercial where he is pushing free federal grants. Until yesterday, McCain's official website was informing visitors how to secure all kinds of government grants and contracts and loans. I posted it on this site. Now they've apparently hidden it somewhere on his website's back pages. There have also been other commercials pointing out Hayworth supported all kinds of pork. 

I have never had to spend summer after summer trying to rally listeners to defeat any of Hayworth's bills or ideas. Three years ago McCain nearly succeeded in destroying our culture with this comprehensive immigration reform disaster. He nearly succeeded in destroying what's left of our free enterprise system with cap-and-trade (his quote about the debate on global warming being over is in my book). McCain has spent more time defending the phony rights of al-Qaeda terrorists than John Kerry. And anyone who actually earns a living will find his taxes going up thanks, in part, to a deal Bush was forced to strike thanks to McCain's opposition to a permanent tax rate reduction. And I'm supposed to get all worked up about Hayworth's infomercial?

Meanwhile, where was NRO's endorsement for Sharron Angle in Nevada's GOP primary? How about Mike Lee in Utah? Chuck DeVore in California? Except in obvious cases, such as Florida and Pennsylvania, where is the Buckley activism for which he was known and which helped launch the conservative movement? Is this what it has become? Endorsing McCain of all people? Perhaps NRO endorsed others. Maybe I missed them. And I am certainly willing to be corrected.


Oh yes, and then there's McCain-Feingold, the greatest assault on free political speech since King George's Red Coats controlled the place. But we should be concerned, above all else, that Hayworth was part of a stupid infomercial peddling free grant information. That should be our biggest concern. How absurd!

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