Sunday, June 13, 2010

Schweikert Suggests Issues for Harry Mitchell’s Campaign Webpage Which Simply Reads “Issues Coming…”

For Immediate Release – June 11, 2010
Contact: Oliver Schwab, Campaign Manager • 480.302.4872
Schweikert Suggests Issues for Harry Mitchell’s Campaign Webpage Which Simply Reads “Issues Coming…”
Two-Term Congressman Harry Mitchell is still figuring out where he stands on the issues…
(Scottsdale, AZ) Congressman Harry Mitchell has taken down the “Issues” content on his webpage, perhaps signaling a new campaign platform with the message “coming soon…”
“The voters of Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District are fed up with their Congressman who has gone into hiding since his vote for the multi-trillion dollar government-run healthcare plan earlier this year,” said David Schweikert this morning.
“As we talk and meet with voters in the district, it really sounds like Mitchell is trapped between a rock and a hard place. The People of this district want to know whether their Congressman follows the extreme-left Pelosi style leadership of his party, or does he listen to and represent his district?”
To help the Congressman with content for the new face of his “Issues” page, the Schweikert campaign would like to suggest some language for Harry Mitchell based on the concerns we’ve heard from his constituents:
For Harry Mitchell on Jobs: I no longer support the Pelosi-Obama jobs program of growing government, raising taxes, and spending at a staggering rate because I realize that the government is taking vital capital from opportunities, entrepreneurial investment, and job creation in the private sector.
For Harry Mitchell on the Arizona Boycotts: I have decided to take a stand against members of my party and the media who have called for boycotts of Arizona. I want the people of Arizona to know I stand with them. I firmly condemn Rep. Raul Grijalva’s continued remarks against Arizona as misguided and poorly chosen. I encourage him and my other liberal colleagues to stand up for our state and stop the pile-on against Arizona.
For Harry Mitchell on his Healthcare Vote: I apologize to the people of Arizona for voting for a multi-trillion dollar government-run healthcare plan, particularly after I pledged not to raises taxes or put government between patients and their doctors. As I seek reelection this November, I assure you that I will make public appearances in the district and come out on this issue with full explanation.
For Harry Mitchell on Securing the Border: I am going to stand-up to President Obama and members of my party and remind them that SB1070 enforces what was already federal law. It’s time the federal government enforces its own laws, or allow states to protect themselves.
To compliment the great low 90’s weather forecast for the East Valley this weekend, the Schweikert campaign is having a picnic get together with Arizona voters on Saturday.
This stands in striking contrast to the weekend Harry Mitchell will be having in DC where he’ll ask lobbyists to open their pocketbooks at a beltway fundraiser just outside of the district in Virginia. “I think that tells you everything you need to know about Mitchell’s priorities right now,” said Schweikert, walking out the door to walk a nearby neighborhood.

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