Sunday, June 13, 2010

John McCain is Confused about Earmarks

Great piece from Howard Levine at GOPUSA -

John McCain's Senate campaign has been aggressively attacking JD Hayworth for being an avid earmarker while extolling his own virtue as someone who does not seek earmarks. Of course, the amounts of the earmarks McCain claims Hayworth supported at not well documented on the McCain web site or even the smear web site that McCain's robocalls direct people to.

What is completely ironic about all of this is that John McCain is prominently advertising that he makes sure Arizona gets funding for military bases in order to keep jobs in Arizona. Somebody apparently forgot to tell John McCain that working to get money earmarked in the Defense budget for Arizona is still earmarking. It seems that when John McCain does earmarks, they are principled diversions of Federal dollars, but they are earmarks or pork barrel spending when anyone else does them.

If our military bases are funded because of their inherent value as opposed to McCain earmarks, then McCain is not being truthful about how he is getting funding for the bases. If he does earmarks, he is a hypocrite.

Remember, as John McCain so frequently tells us in his advertising, "Character Matters."

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Anonymous said...

I agree, and this methodology seems to be McCain's typical M.O.