Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vernon Parker Recognizes National Prayer Day

I wanted to take a moment out of the campaign to recognize today as the National Day of Prayer, a day which a federal judge says is unconstitutional. It's a ruling our Supreme Court should overturn.
My "Restoring Faith in America" campaign is not a religious theme but rather a recognition that many Americans have lost trust and confidence in their elected leaders. For the first time in our history, a majority of American's believe their children won't have the opportunity to be more successful than they are. However, today is a day when we, as a nation, can all privately reflect upon the wonderful country we all live in. Ours is the only country in the history of mankind where hard work and determination are the only barriers to happiness. 
In between service to our country and working as a small businessman I had the honor to serve as the pastor of a non-denominational church, and as a congregation we often reflected on our blessed lives. But the blessings bestowed on us as the current caretakers of the American dream also come with a responsibility to ensure the eternal flame of freedom and greatness of America remain for our children and grandchildren. 
No matter your religious affiliation, may an appreciation for the great riches, not the tangible, but the intangible riches we share be with you today. We find ourselves alive and well in the greatest country in the world at a critical time in its history.
Today is a day of reflection. Tomorrow we begin with a renewed commitment, a renewed vision and a renewed faith in what America will be. May God bless you and your family. 


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