Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Schweikert for Congress: Can I count on your to help us reach our goal?

Let Me Tell You What We're Up Against.
Harry Mitchell and the Nancy Pelosi Liberal Agenda are out of control! Serial bailouts, government take-overs, union give-aways, costly regulations, crippling taxes on job creation and reckless spending.
The liberals want to open the borders and give amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants. Congressman Harry Mitchell won't even defend his home state! He has refused to take a position renouncing boycotts against Arizona, and he has tried to have it both ways.
The stakes have never been higher for Arizona and for America.
Arizona's 5th District needs a trusted conservative leader that will stand strong in his positions and defend what is right. Harry Mitchell goes to Washington and votes with Nancy Pelosi. Then, he comes home and refuses to take positions.
In November we will vote, and we will tell the Democrats: No more special interests, no more corruption, no big-government spending sprees and no more hiding on the issues.
I Can Defeat Harry Mitchell! Can I Count on You to Help Me Today?
I am the only candidate in this race who has a proven record you can trust to make the right decisions. I will represent Arizona's 5th district with the consistent, principled, and tested judgment that I have demonstrated throughout my time in public service.
As our campaign builds more and more momentum, we have the strongest battle plan to win. But we will need the resources, and I need to ask for your help!
In the next six days, our campaign needs to raise $10,000. Every single dollar we raise is important - no amount is too small to help us reach our goal. So please, click the button below and make your most generous contribution to our campaign today!

Come visit our new campaign office, at 4110 N. Goldwater Blvd, in Scottsdale.
We're at the same location as last time, but we have more room. We're at the top of the stairs in suite 201.

A new shipment of Schweikert for Congress bumper stickers, yard signs and t-shirts have hit the streets! Order yours today!

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