Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It’s Time to Boycott Harry Mitchell!

We are at a critical hour.
Reckless government spending, money taken from the private sector at record pace. Jobs for them means more and more government, paid for by your higher taxes.
Washington is being driven by the far-left and it is out of control!
And when it comes to immigration - - you and I both know Harry Mitchell has betrayed Arizona. He has cozied up to the open-borders Washington crowd because he needs their money to get re-elected.
Harry Mitchell is hiding from the People of Arizona’s Fifth District. He is hiding from the issues. And, he is running scared.
Harry refuses to stand up to the liberal party bosses like Al Sharpton, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama who are trying to build a chorus of shrill cries to boycott Arizona.
The far-left is trying to take over our country. They know the media won’t tell the truth about immigration. They are ganging up on Arizona for their own political gain.
We are not going to let them win!
Harry Mitchell won’t stand up to his own party. We Will!
It’s time to Boycott Harry Mitchell!
Today, my campaign is unveiling a new website because it is time we send Harry Mitchell packing! Take a moment to visitBoycottHarry.comand join the fight.
No more far-left policies. No more Obama madness.

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Join the team!
  Post yard signs!
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We Will Win in November!
Last week, my campaign raised more than $15,000 online. This is remarkable and I want to thank each and every one of you who contributed.
We will defeat Harry Mitchell and the far-left liberal agenda this fall as a result of your help in our fight.
We will stand up for the law. We will lock down the border. We will keep the liberals from taking over our country and playing politics with issues like immigration.
Take a moment today - - please, forward it to your friends, and lets make Schweikert for Congress the strongest campaign in the country.
Join our fight. Your generous $200, $100, or even $25 contribution will make us a winning race this fall. We cannot let the liberals win like they did in 2008.
Can I count on you for your help in our fight?

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