Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Interview with Andrew Thomas on United We Stand for Americans' Round Table Politics

In perhaps the most candid and lengthy interview ever, Andy explains to host Marcus Kelley why he didn't press charges against Planned Parenthood for offering to perform an abortion on Lila Rose when she performed a sting on them pretending to be a minor. He talks about his attempts to prosecute two of the County Supervisors. Marcus asked him about his record on prolife and Second Amendment issues, where he differs from his primary opponent, the more liberal Republican Tom Horne. He discusses his differences with Horne on illegal immigration, which includes disagreeing with Horne over providing taxpayer-funded education to illegal immigrant children (not even anchor babies, who are born here and are automatically U.S. citizens, but children brought over the border illegally). Be sure to join his facebook page, which currently has 144 members, and his ning social networking site.

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