Sunday, May 9, 2010

UT Sen. Bob Bennett ousted from GOP primary due to TARP support, will McCain be next?

Longtime establishment Republican Senator Bob Bennett was kicked out of the Utah GOP Senate primary Saturday by conservative and Tea Party delegates upset over his support for the $700 billion dollar TARP pork bailout of the banks. Bennett had been in office for 18 years and had a low lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union of only 83.63. He was badly beaten, coming in a distant third behind two Republican challengers. His defeat came despite a ringing endorsement from Mitt Romney.

McCain, who also boasts establishment Republican support, has an even lower lifetime rating from the ACU of only 81.97, which sunk to an all-time low in 2008 of 63. McCain not only voted for several of the billion dollar TARP pork bailouts, but the biggest contributors to his campaign were the banks that benefited from the financial TARP bailout, including Goldman Sachs, now under investigation in a lawsuit by the SEC for securities fraud. Goldman Sachs was the fourth highest contributor to McCain's presidential campaign, contributing $230,095.

McCain's primary challenger, JD Hayworth, has a lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union of 98 over his 12 years in Congress. Hayworth has denounced the billion dollar TARP pork bailouts, and in a recent Rasmussen poll of Arizona Republican voters had crept up to less than 5 points behind McCain.

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Will McCain be next? I sure hope so