Saturday, May 8, 2010

Photos and JD's remarks to Politics on the Rocks


JD Hayworth spoke to Politics on the Rocks Thursday night at the W Hotel. Hundreds showed up to show their support for JD, with many wearing JD Hayworth lapel stickers. JD held nothing back when discussing his race against John McCain. He suggested that folks go home and google "John Allison" and BB&T. John Allison was the CEO of BB&T, a bank that the federal government pressured into receiving money from the billion dollar pork TARP bailouts. Allison spoke out against the bailout, warning that it was a bad idea, but McCain still voted for it. McCain is now saying that he was misled on the billion dollar TARP pork bailouts. Misled? He's been in Congress for 26 years! He was for it before he was against it - he is beginning to sound a lot like John Kerry (who he once considered running on the Democrat presidential ticket with). He used to be against tax cuts, the tax cuts that JD helped draft in Congress. Now he's for extending them. He's flip-flopped on many other issues. Thank you for your service McCain, now let us welcome you home. It's time for a change - the right kind of change.

See all of the photos here

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