Sunday, May 2, 2010

From SB1070 to J.D. Hayworth’s Book on Illegal Immigration, “Whatever It Takes”

With the recent passage of Arizona’s SB1070, which gives state and local officials the authority to enforce immigration laws that have largely been ignored by our federal government, J.D. Hayworth’s book on illegal immigration is receiving renewed attention. Hayworth recently wrote a comprehensive book touching upon everything that is wrong with illegal immigration in America today. Regardless of your views on illegal immigration, there are enough shocking facts and statistics in this book to make anyone realize this has become a serious problem in the U.S. that cannot be ignored nor easily fixed by opening the borders. Ridiculed by immature staffers of rival Congressmen for being a “blowhard,” former Arizona Congressman Hayworth, who graduated with honors from college, easily disproves that stereotype with this well-written and informative book. Attacking Hayworth by calling him a “blowhard” merely reveals his opponents lack any real, substantive criticism.

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mjc_co said...

Those Misguided Arizonans!

I don't know why Arizonans would want to protect their citizens from Mexican drug cartel violence, safeguard the public treasury, or prevent the strain on their already choked social services. I mean, not doing that has done wonders for LA! That movie, American Me, I want to recreate that in my city. Yes!

I have no idea why they'd want to enforce the laws that have been on the books since the USA formed or why they'd be mad at the Feds for not doing their jobs of securing our borders. Arizonans are racists, red-neck, bigoted, right-wing conspiracists for wanting to protect the quality of life of LEGAL immigrants already living here. What's up with that? They should enjoy picking up the 2 million tons of trash the illegals leave strewn across our lands as they make their way north because they always have beautiful, sunny skies.

Did you know that asking for someone's citzenship papers is the equivalent of slaughtering 7 million Jews in Nazi Germany. If you didn't, then you're not reading the main-stream, unbiased, good-intentioned media. Get with the program, Comrades! Read the NY Times, the LA Times or the Washington Post, or any newspaper that feeds off of them. It will really educate you and keep you from losing your public education indoctrination.

Why not let the entire world into this country, starting with Haiti, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Yemen -- oh, and don't forget a few "mainstream" Castro-loving Cubans. I'm sure the freedom-loving Cubans already living in Miami who hate Castro won't mind. Let's blow taxpayers' money overseas by sending travel vouchers to the Middle East so they can fly to Mexico and come across the border. Can't we all just get along? If we just sat down and negotiated with them, all war, poverty and disease would end and Obama could save us all.

After their amnesty, they'll vote Democrat in order to keep the taxpayer dollars flowing freely and keep Democrats in power. What's so wrong about that? That stuff going on in Greece -- riots, protest. Yeah, I like that. Let's get some of that. After all, we're no longer a Republic. We're a dictatorship. Just ask the folks who passed healthcare with the Slaughter House Rules, instead of abiding by the will of the people. If you can't afford health insurance, you should be jailed or fined by IRS agents, so there will be no room for locking up illegal aliens. Obama is going to help this country like Chairman Mao helped China take the Great Leap Forward, or how Stalin helped unite the Russians. CHANGE, TRANSFORM. I really love it.

All I ask is that you don't complain as your paychecks get smaller and smaller. After all, someone has to pay for all those bells and whistles, and bells and whistles, and bells and whistles, etc. Well, you get the idea. It might as well be you. We know from history that the rich ALWAYS get soaked, so none of it will effect your pocketbook. Right? I mean, look how many millionaires are now living in boxes by the river. Plus, the more money you rob from rich people and give to poor people, the more jobs that are created. Right, Nancy Pelosi? It looks like rain today -- maybe too much. I hope the government is doing something about that. Maybe a rain tax is needed.