Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hayworth has better record on Pro-Life issues

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TUESDAY, MAY 18, 2010

Phoenix, AZ (May 18) - U.S. Senate candidate J. D. Hayworth (R-AZ) today said during his service in the U.S. House of Representatives his voting record was consistently given a 100 percent rating on the National Right to Life Scorecard.
Sen. John McCain did not fare as well.
McCain's overall rating is 77 percent, one year slipping as low as 33 percent. The only year he reached 100 percent was this year while he is facing a tough re-election campaign.
"I have consistently been highly ranked by National Right to Life," Hayworth said. "Sen. McCain has not."
In a statement release today, Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee acknowledged that despite J.D. Hayworth's perfect pro-life voting record, that under the PAC's endorsement policy, the endorsement must go to the incumbent.
Hayworth said he was disappointed, but not surprised, that the AzRTL PAC endorsed Sen. McCain.
"Most of the establishment organizations, for a variety of reasons, will back the incumbent," Hayworth said. "But I am confident rank-and-file members of this great cause will look at the record, compare us to each other and decide I am the candidate they want to see in the Senate."
Two past executive directors praised Hayworth for his work with Arizona Right to Life.
"No one in public office has been a more enthusiastic supporter and true believer when it comes to our efforts to protect preborn children than Congressman Hayworth," said Douglas R. Scott, Jr., former executive director of Arizona Right to Life. "We pray that the people of Arizona will send this pro-life hero to the U.S. Senate."
Jay A. Nenninger, past president and past executive director of Arizona Right to Life said, "It is wonderful that J.D. Hayworth is running for the Senate. Mr. McCain has supported pro-life legislation only when we dragged him kicking and screaming. Rep. Hayworth has been with us without fail."
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