Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Help Schweikert raise $12,000 by the end of the day Wednesday!

Talk about a shot across the bow!
Yesterday Team Schweikert set a goal to raise $6,000 through our BoycottHarry.com Moneybomb.
Not only did we raise $6,000… but we did it by 4:00pm!
Now, we’ve set a new goal - - $12,000 by the end of the day Wednesday. Lets double our success! We’re going to defeat the liberals this year.
We won’t let them dump millions-upon-millions into Arizona’s 5th District again, run false-attack ads against us, and ride the Obama coat tails. Our campaign to stop them is dependent on you this week!
They’re going to come at us, and they’re going to come swinging-hard!
Harry Mitchell has become the ultimate Democratic-puppet. He does whatever they say so long as they continue to swap huge checks for job security: $28,000 from ethics-plagued New York liberal Charlie Rangel; $15,000 from the big-union accounts of Nancy Pelosi.
Arizona deserves better! And that’s why I need your help delivering our winning message.
As your Congressman, I will represent Arizona with common sense conservative principles. - - The true leadership that I’ve demonstrated throughout my career in business and public service.
  • I will protect Arizona and secure our border.
  • I will fight big government and restore the Constitution.
  • I will work to repeal nationalized healthcare.
  • I will restore jobs and prosperity through free enterprise and opportunity.
It is our right, and it is our duty, to defend our freedoms no matter how long or hard that struggle may be.
I stood up against Tarp! I stood up against the corporate bailouts! I stood up against Obamacare! I will continue to stand up against the President and even my own party when they are wrong. None of my primary opponents can honestly say the same.
Our nation is heading in the wrong direction. Only true conservative reformers can break the extremism and one-party rule in Washington. That’s why I’m running for Congress.
Because in the end, this election comes down to one thing above all else: they offer higher taxes and more government control. We offer trusted common sense values, security, and freedom!
I am incredibly honored to have your support, and I thank you for all that you’re doing to help us win.
Upcoming Events
Tom & Monique Sinyard
cordially invite you to their home
for a Wine & Cheese reception in support of
David Schweikert for Congress
Monday, May 31st - 5:30pm to 7:30pm
10235 North 99th Street, Scottsdale
Please consider a minimum donation of $25RSVP Now!  www.David10.com

Edward & Donna Horner 
and Ted Dudine
cordially invite you to their home for a 
BBQ Dinner in support of
David Schweikert for Congress
Friday, June 11th - 5.30pm - 8:00pm
9331 E. La Posada Court, ScottsdalePlease consider a minimum donation of $25RSVP Now!  www.David10.com

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