Thursday, May 13, 2010

New York Times on "McCain's Danged Fence" - "he should be apologizing to Arizona," is "backtracking all over the place"

Some excerpts from Blogtalk: McCain's Danged Fence

Senator John McCain has a new ad out to show Arizona voters that he is serious about stopping the flow of illegal immigration, and it is drawing sniggers from many quarters. The ad, which Steve Benan at Political Animalwrote about the other day, shows Mr. McCain walking along the border in Arizona, with a sheriff in uniform complaining about illegal immigrants. Mr. McCain says, “Complete the danged fence.”
The ad was discussed on the MSNBC Morning Joe show today, which featured Representative John Shadegg, Republican of Arizona. The ad closes with the sheriff saying of Mr. McCain, “Senator, you’re one of us.” After the ad is played on the air, the hosts and guests snicker, and Mr. Shadegg  says: “It seems like some politicians have kind of changed ground on this issue.”
Many bloggers and others believe Mr. McCain, who is talking tough on immigration enforcement efforts, even backing Arizona’s new law, has backpedaled on what had been one of his signature bipartisan issues now that he is facing a challenge from a conservative.
Dan Riehl at Riehl World points out that Mr. McCain, as a longtime senator,says the senator should be retiring from the senate. He writes of the ad:
McCain should be apologizing to Arizona, not engaging in weak attempts to make the issue his own, now. He’s a big part of the problem and wasn’t interested in being part of a real solution when it was needed, because he was positioning himself to run for President in 2008.
George Moneo on Babalu says that Mr. McCain is “backtracking all over the place.”

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