Monday, May 10, 2010


Proposal to focus solely on human smuggling and drug cartels is foolhardy

            (Phoenix, AZ)   Rick Romley’s latest proposal regarding illegal immigration shows how little he has learned in the six years since walking away from the County Attorney’s Office and is further evidence that he never understood the issue in the sixteen years he had to address it.

“Rick Romley has sounded the retreat against the full scale and aggressive approach to fighting illegal immigration in Maricopa County,” observed Bill Montgomery.  Montgomery went on to note, “Rather than be “stronger,’ ‘smarter’ or ‘more effective,’ it is an overly simplistic approach that appeases opponents of a tough stance against illegal immigration and is not the  approach that the citizens of Maricopa County have come to expect from their County Attorney.”  Montgomery further noted that, “You cannot focus on just one half of the equation in the battle against illegal immigration and expect to achieve real results.  With the numbers of illegal aliens in Arizona and Maricopa County dropping roughly 17% in the last couple of years, we have also seen our crime rate in Maricopa County fall more than twice the national average.  Rick Romley’s foolhardy plan will hurt the citizens of Maricopa County.”  Montgomery concluded by stating, “Ultimately, a change in policy on fighting illegal immigration is a decision that should be left to the next duly elected Maricopa County Attorney so the citizens can decide the approach they want.”

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who has endorsed Bill Montgomery for Maricopa County Attorney, stated, “The people of Maricopa County need Bill Montgomery as County Attorney to ensure all laws against illegal immigration are enforced, not just some.  I will continue to make arrests under all of our laws.  If Rick Romley chooses not to prosecute, that will be his decision the voters will hold him accountable for.”

In contrast, Montgomery has previously pledged to the citizens of Maricopa County that he will continue efforts to fight illegal immigration in partnership with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and all of the Valley’s law enforcement agencies to safeguard our communities and protect our citizens.  To do so, he will form a special crimes bureau to handle cases currently arising under present laws and the implementation of SB1070.
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