Saturday, May 29, 2010

Schweikert one of few candidates abiding by sign laws

Kudos to David Schweikert for foregoing the choicest campaign sign locations and following the law instead. Says a lot about a candidate's character, whether they decide to ignore the laws and put up signs anywhere, or adhere to the law. Would you want a candidate in office who ignores the law?

Some excerpts from a Republic article -

All across Scottsdale, you can see the names of people who want to write laws for the rest of us to follow.

The names adorn campaign signs, a significant portion of which violate city law. Gotta love the irony.

Schweikert said he has one volunteer who does nothing but move signs that have been put in the wrong spots.

He knows he'll lose votes by putting signs in certain places, such as along scenic corridors in north Scottsdale. Schweikert said he received an e-mail complaining about other candidates who put signs there.

Those corridors are public right of way. They are prettier, but legally they're no different than the corner of Hayden and Shea. It makes no sense why any campaign would put a sign in a spot where a city inspector is likely to remove it — unless you're counting on inspectors being overwhelmed.

"The ugly reality is people who pay attention to signs are those who pay attention to politics," Schweikert said. "For the average voter, they're visual clutter."

It also gives voters more information. If a candidate cannot find private property owners willing to allow a sign, while another candidate can get permission to place hundreds of signs on private property, that says something.

People hired by the Jim Ward, Barbara Leff, John Munger and Michael Blaire campaigns to handle their signs didn't return repeated phone calls.

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GOP stalwart said...

A McCain campaign consultant is putting up signs for Jim Ward. Looks like Ward is aligning himself with the moderate wing of the GOP.