Friday, May 21, 2010

Schweikert: Friday the 13th Trillion

U.S. debt will soar beyond $13 trillion dollars tonight!
Enough is enough – if we don’t STOP this reckless government spending, America will lose forever its place as the freest, most prosperous nation on earth.
In Arizona’s Fifth District, Nancy Pelosi-liberal Democrat Harry Mitchell needs to go!
Harry Mitchell is wrong on taxes. He has voted time and time again to raise your taxes, and he wants to raise them even higher with new regulations like cap and trade.
Mitchell is wrong on spending and big-government. He voted for ObamaCare, voted for the bailouts, sides with the unions and the big-spending party bosses. --- And, if that weren’t bad enough, he just packed more than $53 million dollars in pork-barrel earmarks into the budget for 2011.
I am going to defeat Harry Mitchell this year!
I am the only candidate who has the strategy that can win.
I have been tested on the issues that matter most!
I am a pro-economic growth champion who understands how to create jobs by removing government barriers to free enterprise and investment.
I’m a tough-as-nails budget hawk who has always fought to protect your tax dollars and reduce your tax burden.
On immigration, I will not back down. And I will not apologize for enforcing the law.
I cannot be successful without your support! Your investment today means that in Arizona, we will have the resources to take back our country.
Please help support my campaign to WIN.
I am confident, that with your support, we will be one of the strongest campaigns against the far-left agenda!
I truly appreciate your help,

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