Friday, October 8, 2010

Yes on 107! launches radio ad featuring Sen. Russell Pearce and Rep. Steve Montenegro

The Yes on Proposition 107 campaign took to the airwaves today with a radio ad encouraging voters to support ballot proposition 107. Prop. 107 would eliminate affirmative action programs that contain preferential treatment based on race or gender in the areas of government contracts, public employment and public education.

The 60-second ad highlights the harmful effects that affirmative action quotas have on victims of government programs that treat citizens differently based on race. State Senator Russell Pearce (R - Mesa), who worked with state Representative Steve Montenegro (R- Litchfield Park) to place Prop. 107 on the ballot, is also featured in the ad. The ad is initially being aired on KFYI talk radio in Phoenix.

Below is the content of the Yes on 107 radio ad:

Female voice: “I don’t call it civil rights when my husband is shut out of a promotion because of an affirmative action quota.

I don’t call it civil rights when my son’s construction firm loses a government contract on account of his boss’s race.

And when my daughter’s good grades can’t get her into a school because she’s the wrong skin color, well that’s just plain discrimination.

Somewhere big government got affirmative action wrong.  Somehow they’ve confused civil rights with quotas that favor one group over another.”

Senator Pearce: “Hello this is Senator Russell Pearce – no one applying for a job, contract or college admission should be rejected because they don’t fill a diversity quota.  That’s why Representative Montenegro and I helped put 107 on your ballot.

A ‘Yes’ vote on 107 amends the constitution so everyone is judged on character and merit, not skin color or sex.

The government should not pick winners and losers based on race or sex.  Everyone – and I mean everyone -  deserves a fair and equal chance to compete for good paying jobs, contracts, and college admission.  Vote Yes on 107.”

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