Monday, October 11, 2010

Ward Connerly on Fox News reacts to poll showing 91% of black voters still support Obama

Only 36% of white voters support Obama. Ward was asked his thoughts on the large gap between white and black voters supporting Obama. Ward agrees that racialism is alive and well, although it's not necessarily racism directed towards blacks. Racialism is different from racism, but it's a distinction without a difference. There are two things occurring here; racial solidarity - blacks voted for Obama due to being the same race. Second, there is a victims' gap in voting - blacks and Latinos support Obama because they identify with Obama's victim mentality. Obama cleverly invokes "racial profiling" when talking with black audiences to make sure they identify with him. Even the most successful blacks see themselves as victims, they don't quite relate to the rest of society - like Colin Powell. It's a traditional and lingering view shared by many blacks. You just use the right code words, like "civil rights," and you'll get their vote. Ward said that the reason Latinos support some of this victimhood mentality too is due to the issue of illegal immigration; they're taught that illegal immigration laws victimize Latinos.

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