Sunday, October 24, 2010

Prop. 107 opposition is hypocritical - their biggest donor is a union OUTSIDE the state

One of the biggest arguments the opponents of Prop. 107 use is that Prop. 107 is funded by an out of state contributor (note they conveniently forget to mention that Arizona's legislators referred Prop. 107 to the ballot - which has nothing to do with anyone out of state). Well come to find out, guess what, THEIR funding also comes from out of state! According to an article in the Arizona Republic today, outsiders account for all of the big donors to the anti-Prop. 107 campaign. Sure enough, if you look at the misnamed "Protect Arizona's Freedom" campaign finance reports, you'll see that $10,000 came from the Washington, DC union Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Notice most of the rest of their funding also came from a union, $5000 from the Arizona Education Association. 

This doesn't even include the sham organization Arizona Taxpayers Association, which has gone to great lengths to hide its contributors through shadowy campaign finance organizations. It reports a contribution of $2900 from corporate contributions, but doesn't disclose the businesses. 

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