Monday, October 18, 2010

Doug Ducey practically brings Andrei Cherny to tears during debate

I finally got a chance to watch the Sept. 30 debate between candidates for Treasurer Republican Doug Ducey and far left Democrat Andrei Cherny, and at one point it sounded like Cherny started to cry. Cherny has attacked Doug over and over again for paying some property taxes late. 

Doug got sick of it and launched into this:
Andrei, you have been running for Treasurer almost as long as you have been a prosecutor. What you are is a political insider. You ran for office in Southern California, it didn’t work out there, you’re now running for office in Arizona, I don’t think it’s going to work here. I think you’re moving east, it will be Texas or New Mexico next. But my suggestion to you would be to get an Econ 101 book so you can understand the free market and what it takes to create a job before you run for your next state office.
Cherney responded back with a weird whiny rant, his voice trembling, and accused Doug of attacking his family, claiming his family is why he moved here to Arizona:
You’re smearing my family. Let me tell you something Mr. Ducey. My wife and my amazing son have more integrity in their little pinky than you have in your whole body.
The exchange is 17:09 minutes into the video. 

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