Thursday, October 7, 2010

Arizona Republic: David Schweikert outraises Harry Mitchell; Mitchell apparently out of money

In an Arizona Republic article that came out today, Democrat Congressman Harry Mitchell is reporting receiving only $489,500 in campaign contributions this quarter, contrasted with well over half a million received by the Schweikert campaign. Mitchell had only $296,000 cash on hand left at the end of September. Mitchell has used up this money quickly buying television ads in the pricey Phoenix/Scottsdale markets, and there is a very good chance he has little left to last him the rest of the month until the election.

Some excerpts from the article -

Mitchell and scores of moderate Democrats in swing districts throughout the nation are in danger of being swept out of office by Republicans as voters frustrated with the slow pace of economic recovery appear poised to strip Democrats of their House majority.

Schweikert, 48, said he has found a dramatic change as he talks to voters and hands out fliers.

"Two years ago, the voters were harsh," Schweikert said. "Some people said: 'I'm not ever voting for a Republican again. You seem like a nice guy, but get out of here.' Now, some of those same people are putting my campaign signs in their yards."

Schweikert, who has focused his message largely on attacking government spending by Democrats, said Mitchell hasn't been independent enough on the votes that matter most.

Schweikert said health-care reform will result in a government-run system that will decrease the quality of care while increasing the federal debt. He also criticized the stimulus bill as wasteful.

"Everything we see is showing us that independents and Republicans are furious with him for his health-care and stimulus votes," Schweikert said.

Schweikert said he would push to reduce government regulations and taxes on businesses, eliminate capital gains and estate taxes, stop earmark spending, defend Arizona's new immigration law and open Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling.

Tim Goldenetz, 48, of Scottsdale, a self-described moderate Republican, said he is disillusioned by what he sees as a federal government that has spent billions but has not pulled enough people out of the recession.

"I've seen it in my family and friends who have lost their jobs or had their hours cut at work," said Goldenetz, a process engineer for Intel who plans to vote for Schweikert. "I know three people whose homes are in foreclosure. The economy doesn't seem to be getting better, and the Democrats in Congress have done more damage in the last year and a half with all their spending and taxes and regulations."

Schweikert said he doesn't believe Mitchell can overcome Republican momentum.

"The congressman gets credit for having served the community," Schweikert said. "It's not about Harry. Everyone knows he's a nice guy. It's about the policies he's supported."

"The people of Arizona understand where this government is taking us, and they've watched Congressman Mitchell and Nancy Pelosi squander what could have otherwise been a very strong recovery," said Oliver Schwab, Schweikert's campaign manager.

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