Thursday, October 7, 2010

Harry Mitchell really does vote with Pelosi and the Obama administration most of the time

Harry Mitchell is desperately trying to convince voters that he is more of a moderate Democrat, but the Club for Growth has examined his voting record and found otherwise. Mitchell claims he votes against Pelosi and the Democrats often, but most of those votes are things like voting again generic non-substantive administrative procedures that no one cares about!  He's sneaky, but that way he can pretend that he's not as liberal as he is to the conservative-leaning base in Arizona's Congressional District 5. It's dishonest.

Fortunately, the Club for Growth has analyzed the votes that count, and found that his record contains enough votes for big government and big spending that he cannot be considered a fiscal conservative. It is time for him to go.

Votes with Pelosi on economic issuesX65%
Votes to keep PAYGO rulesX23%
RePORK Card ScoreX25%
On ObamacareXVoted YES
Repeal ObamaCare's Individual Mandate? XVoted NO
On Cap and Trade Voted NO
On StimulusXVoted YES
On Repealing TARP Voted YES
On Obama Budget Voted NO
On Cash for Clunkers Voted NO
On Auto Bailout Voted NO
On Fannie/Freddie BailoutXVoted YES

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