Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mitchell's false accusations of Schweikert as a vulture preying on foreclosed homeowners aren't working

Desperate Harry Mitchell, behind in the polls, has been been playing TV ads round the clock claiming that David Schweikert is a "vulture" who preys upon foreclosed homeowners. As we explained in a prior post, these accusations are pure made-up lies; Schweikert has never bought a mortgage in his life; he buys homes from BANKS. Fortunately, the voters know better. These kind of disgusting tactics come as no surprise from a candidate who once stole campaign signs from an opponent and admitted it, and is probably still stealing signs from Schweikert (he just hasn't been caught yet). Mitchell has spent over a quarter of a million in the last few weeks getting out his fraudulent message about Schweikert, but the polls haven't budged. Meanwhile, Real Clear Politics has moved this race from "tossup" to "leans Republican." The NRCC just raised $4 million from its House members to help out Schweikert and other "Young Guns." Schweikert is in the process of sending out 1 million mailers to voters in the district. Whereas Mitchell was given a piddly $60,000 by the DCCC in "go-away money." He hasn't been able to move his polling numbers much above 40%. Anywhere below 50% is dangerous territory for an incumbent. All indicators look like this will be one of the House seats Republicans take back.

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