Thursday, October 28, 2010

San Francisco Examiner: Schweikert & Gosar are in 44 seats GOP will retake; Kelly & McClung are in second 38 GOP may retake

Some predictions from the San Francisco Chronicle on the 82 House seats Dems are most likely to lose. The author has italicized the 44 seats he predicts the GOP will retake, which include AZ CD5 Schweikert beating Mitchell and AZ CD1 Gosar beating Kirkpatrick. He has bolded the 38 seats he thinks the GOP has slightly less chances at retaking, including AZ CD8 Kelly beating Giffords and AZ CD7 McClung beating Grijalva. 

Next to the candidate he's listed their latest polling. 

  • AZ-1: Ann Kirkpatrick, 39%

  • AZ-5 Harry Mitchell, 42%

  • AZ-7: Raul Grijalva, 37%

  • AZ-8: Gabbie Giffords

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