Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New online local newspaper venture from James Kelley and Randy Graf in southern Arizona

As reported by Carolyn's Community

Former 2 term LD 30 State House Republican Rep. Randy Graf is the new editor of the online Arizona News-Telegraph, located in Green Valley. Randy told me they are concentrating on political news at the present, since he was covering the CD 8 U.S. House debate tonight at the UA Student Union. I asked him about his challenge against Democrat Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords back in 2006, and he said that “times had changed.”
Graf served in the State House from 2000 to 2004. In November 2006 Graf, Libertarian David Nolan (now running for U. S. Senate), and Independent Jay Quick (who just ran for this same race in the Republican primary) faced off with then-former LD 28 State Senator Giffords for that CD 8 U. S. House seat, previously held by Congressman Jim Kolbe.
Fellow TucsonCitizen.com bloggers Hugh Holub (“View from Baja Arizona”) and Jonathan DuHamel (“Wry Heat”) along with former Tucsoncitizen.com blogger Jim Kelley (“The Cholla Jumps”) have joined Randy as contributors on this new online news source for Southern Arizona. There is a “Green Valley/Sahuarita” link, along with links for the “Border”, Opinions, Event Calendar, & Comicals.
Website: www.arizonanewstelegraph.com, phone 520-270-1303, email: arizonanewstelegraph@cox.net. Mailing address is 287 W. El Nopal in Green Valley, AZ 85714.
Check out this brand new news source.

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