Monday, October 11, 2010

Phoenix Business Journal: "GOP challengers David Schweikert and Paul Gosar improving chances to unseat Harry Mitchell, Ann Kirkpatrick

Some excerpts -

Two key Arizona congressional races are leaning towards Republican challengers, according to recent polls and election projections. Both GOP challengers have the backing of Sarah Palin and are courting tea party voters as they look to unseat Democratic incumbents Ann Kirkpatrick and Harry Mitchell.

Real Clear Politics also pegs the race between Tempe congressman Harry Mitchell and challenger David Schweikert as leaning towards the latter. Mitchell won the Republican-leaning district in 2006.
The few polls done on that race show it as close contest, though Mitchell is below 50 percent in the surveys. Kirkpatrick is also below 50 percent in her race. Incumbents sitting below the 50 percent line in preelection polls are traditionally thought to be vulnerable on election day.

As the Democratic incumbent, Mitchell voted for President Barack Obama’s health reforms but has bucked the party line on taxes.

Sarah Palin backs Schweikert, Kelly and Gosar.

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