Saturday, October 16, 2010

Please get your early ballots in ASAP - it helps candidates. Here are the voting guides.

Don't sit on your early ballots, it is hurting candidates. They spend extra money sending out mailers to you, money that could be used to sway undecided voters instead. Now some of you will argue back and say, "Well, what if something changes at the last minute, like a candidate has a scandal and I regret my vote? I prefer to send my ballot in at the last minute in case that happens." You just have to weigh the risks. Do you risk hurting numerous candidates in tight races, whose money ends up being wasted on you, or do you risk the slim chance that some incident will affect one candidate down the road? It's up to you, but I'd rather help numerous candidates who are in close races, rather than speculate on the odds of a worst-case scenario (isn't the latter what what the Democrats do?). 

Corporation Commission - Brenda Burns & Gary Pierce

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