Thursday, October 7, 2010

More lies being spread about Prop. 107 by its opponents

A flyer full of misinformation is being distributed by the misnamed "Protect Arizona's Freedom" which opposes Prop. 107 (it really should be more correctly named "Protect Arizona's Freedom to Discriminate in Government"). It claims that certain programs which assist women and minorities could be eliminated if Prop. 107 passes. This is false. Where this initiative has passed in other states, these programs have not been eliminated. Not a single one. 

Let's analyze each program that is claimed to be in jeopardy:

City of Phoenix teen parents program
This program is for both moms and dads, not just women, so Prop. 107 doesn't apply. And Prop. 107 doesn't apply for a second reason, this program does not fall within the area of government contracting, higher education, or employment. Prop. 107 only applies to government contracting, higher education and employment. It does not affect other aspects of life involving government such as government health, childcare, etc. 

Programs that encourage women to have careers in math or science
As long as these programs allow men to participate, they can continue. These kinds of organizations have continued by permitting men to participate in states like Michigan where this initiative has passed. It has not hurt their effectiveness - most men could care less about participating in a program geared to women. 

Domestic violence treatment and prevention
These programs are for both men and women, not just women, so Prop. 107 does not apply. And even if there were any that only allowed women to participate, they do not fall within the area of government contracting, higher education, or employment. 

The YWCA Bright Futures Program for young women
This does not fall within the area of government contracting, higher education, or employment. 

The Summer Bridge Program for Native American students
As long as this program permits non-Native American students to participate if they so choose, it will not be eliminated. In addition, if this program receives federal funding contingent upon the preference, Prop. 107 does not apply, there is an exception crafted into the Prop. 107 language for programs that would lose federal funding if race or gender preferences were eliminated. 

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