Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jen Gratz trounces Kyrsten Sinema in Prop. 107 debate on Fox 10

In a debate last night on Fox 10, Jennifer Gratz from the Yes on 107 campaign took on Rep. Kyrsten Sinema from the opposition campaign, who is considered the most far left legislator in the Arizona legislature. Sinema claimed that Arizona State University does not consider race or gender in university admissions. Gratz refuted this bald-faced lie, reading from a court pleading filed by Arizona State University where it admitted it did take those factors into consideration.

Next, Sinema claimed that Prop. 107 would jeopardize certain programs geared at women and minorities. Gratz responded by pointing out that where this initiative has passed in other states, those kinds of programs have continued to exist.

Finally, Sinema complained that women only make 70 cents for every dollar that men make, so they still need preferences. Gratz retorted that Prop. 107 would equal the playing field for EVERYONE, so everyone would be treated the same, not better or worse. If women are making less than men for the same job, they should be treated the same - not better or worse.

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