Thursday, October 14, 2010

Arizona Republic endorses David Schweikert over Harry Mitchell!

Wow. You know Mitchell must be pretty darn liberal when the Republic endorses Schweikert over him. Some excerpts -

Schweikert, a former Maricopa County treasurer, is a financial guy. He enjoys poring over a spreadsheet the way most people dive into a good novel....What's more, he's a deficit hawk. After the budget excesses of the past 10 years, we need people in Congress who will challenge every penny of spending. Schweikert also is willing to consider new approaches to longstanding problems. Social Security, for instance, continues to stumble toward insolvency because re-election-minded politicians are afraid to make tough decisions. Mitchell says the system is just fine. Schweikert recognizes that unpopular changes will be necessary to save it. And then there is the health-care bill. Mitchell, in talks around the district while the bill was being debated, displayed conflicting feelings about the bill and opposition to some portions of it. District residents mostly opposed it. Still, Mitchell voted for the bill, a vote he continues to defend.

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