Thursday, April 8, 2010

Latest PAChyderm Coalition ratings are in

Votes this past week included a bill to grant the motion picture industry special tax breaks and a bill favoring Joint Technical District Education (voting yes for both was treated negatively).

The top "Pro-Freedom Republicans" in the Senate this past week were Pearce with an 89.5 followed by Harper and Verschoor. In the House, the top scoring Republicans were even higher, with Seel at a 94.9 followed by Burges as "Reagan Republicans."

The lowest scores in the Senate for "Big Government Republicans" went to Carolyn Allen with a low of 25.9, followed by Huppenthal and Braswell at the top of that category with a 47.4. The lowest scores in the House for "Big Government Republicans" went to Boone at 35.2, followed by Crandall, Jones, Quelland, Konopnicki, Court, Goodale, Mason, Williams, Vogt, and McLain at the top with a 49.

See the full scoring, put together by Howard Levine.

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