Monday, April 19, 2010

CAP: Pro-Life Bill Sent to Governor's Desk!

The first CAP-supported bill of our 2010 Legislative Agenda has passed the Legislature and is now sitting on Governor Brewer's desk. SB 1304, which passed on Wednesday, requires accurate reporting of the number of abortions and abortion complications in our state each year.

SB 1305 also passed the House on Wednesday. This bill prohibits the use of taxpayer dollars for abortions in public employee insurance coverage and opts Arizona out of providing abortion coverage in the new federal health care program. SB 1305 needs a final vote from the Senate before going to the Governor.
Keep up-to-date on all CAP-supported bills online. Legislators plan to adjourn this session by April 29. Please pray for favorable passage of the remaining family-friendly bills.

Gambling: A Predatory Business
If you think of a business model that fools or deceives customers to make a huge profit, you might think of Bernie Madoff and ponzi schemes. However, Madoff wouldn't be in jail if he had just gotten into the gambling industry, which is just as lucrative and just as predatory on its customers. Read our blog for more!
Protecting Against Unethical Science
Scientists in the UK have reportedly created a "designer embryo"that has 3 parents. Through a complicated in vitro fertilization process, this embryo was created as an experiment in the name of science. While research can be valuable, unique human life should be valued in itself, not as a commodity or as an experimental research subject. That's why CAP has been working this session on two bills to establish some ethical standards in the bioethics arena - SB 1306 and SB 1307. These bills should be debated on the House floor early next week.

Upcoming Truth Project Events!
If you've been through a Truth Project small group, then you can testify to the benefits of this program for building a solid biblical worldview. Part of that worldview includes sharing your faith and helping others grow in theirs. CAP is holding two trainings on May 8 in Phoenix and (tentatively) May 15 in Chandler. Visit our Truth Project page for more!
Four Days Left to Purchase Palin Seats!
You have until Tuesday at noon to purchase your seats for the CAP Family Dinner with Gov. Sarah Palin on Saturday, April 24. We only have a handful of seats left. Call the CAP office at 602.424.2525 or make your secure purchase online.

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