Tuesday, April 13, 2010

McCain crude ad attacking Hayworth backfires; criticized by leading strategists on both sides

McCain taking heat for campaign video

PHOENIX - Arizona Senator John McCain is getting some heat because of video made by his campaign.

A Web video just released by the McCain campaign is under the guise of being a message from his U.S. Senate race opponent former Congressman J.D. Hayworth.

"I've stood up against the grave threat of man-horse marriage," the announcer says on the video, followed by Hayworth's own comments, "if you really had affection for your horse, you could marry your horse."

CNN's Anderson Cooper says the video attacks Hayworth on things that some Republicans take seriously.

Republican strategist Ed Rollins says McCain should stick to talking about himself. "John, after his long and very distinguished career needs to talk about that. He was the nominee of this party. Whether he wants to call himself a maverick or not, one of the admirable things about him is he's been and independent and he's stood for what he believes is right. And that's what he needs to be talking about."

Democratic strategist James Carville is also critical of McCain. "It looks like he's just so anxious to win and so much wants to win this race he's out doing things that are out of character and he looks ridiculous."

Carville stopped short of saying McCain is making a fool of himself.

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Anonymous said...

What else can you expect from this Senator. Not only is he rude, he is crude and non-amusing. Thank God his days in the Senate are almost over. He won't get my vote.