Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hayworth, Thomas and Schweikert among most prominent politicos at AZ Tax Day Tea Party in Tempe

Yes that is Clint Bolick at the Andrew Thomas for Attorney General booth!

David Schweikert had a crowd of people around him at all times, at one point I gave up trying to get a word in.

Chad Kirkpatrick and Vernon Parker hanging out at the Andrew Thomas for Attorney General booth.

Andrew Thomas with Joe Mangini

Andrew Thomas for Attorney General had one of the prime real estate spots at the Tea Party. Tom Horne didn't bother showing up, some of his supporters had a tiny powder-puff blue booth towards the back.

JD Hayworth had the biggest display at the Tea Party, and his booth was constantly surrounded by 20 or so people where he hung out all evening (he is behind the guy in the white baseball cap). McCain was noticeably absent, no booth or supporters even. Guess he's written off the Tea Parties as supporters, considering this is probably the biggest annual Tea Party in Arizona (he also wrote off the Republican base last week when he failed to attend or have a booth at the Maricopa County Lincoln Day Luncheon).

 The crowd almost filled the stadium, if it wasn't the 10,000 anticipated, it was close.

The drummers that strolled through periodically were really, really cool.

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