Saturday, April 17, 2010

AFP presents Sen. Russell Pearce with the Barry M. Goldwater Legislator of the Year Award

State Senator Russell Pearce won the Barry M. Goldwater Legislator of Year Award from the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity.  This is the highest award any Legislator can win and requires a score of over 90%. 

Upon receiving the award, Sen. Pearce said “this is a great honor” and urged citizens to read the constitution, read the letters of the founding fathers, learn American history and heritage, and hold elected officials accountable to these ideals.

Former AFP-AZ Chairman Chad Kirkpatrick presented Sen. Pearce the award.  Kirkpatrick described Sen. Pearce as “honest, forthright, principled.  A true constitutional conservative,” and someone who “not only talks the talk [of conservativism], but he walks the walk.”

The Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity and the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers has produced a legislative report card every year since 1984. 

Sen. Pearce was presented with the award at the April 15th Tea Party held at Tempe Diablo stadium.

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