Thursday, April 29, 2010

Arizona 2010 Project chairman boycotting San Francisco

PHOENIX, AZ (AP) — The Chairman of the Arizona 2010 Project, Ronald E. Ludders is boycotting San Francisco, CA because of Mayor Newsom's comments on Arizona's stringent new immigration law. Ludders' has asked that all members of the Arizona 2010 Project not to travel to San Francisco even thought many of them may have left their heart there at one time or another. Ludders' stated that he will encourage both his solitary democrat friend and all his Republican friends not to pick San Francisco for their destinations during the next several years. Ludders' says Arizona's law is "much needed" and will resolve many of the illegal immigration problems. Additionally, he says the law will reduce racial tensions. Ludders' action is in line with other Tea Party facilitators in Arizona who also suggest boycotting San Francisco, where Mayor Newsom has put a moratorium on city employees' official travel to Arizona. Newsom didn't know much about the new Arizona law, but freely gave his uninformed, prejudice opinions which were picked up by the main stream media and misrepresented as the comments of a intelligent individual who has given thoughtful consideration to the new Arizona law.

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