Friday, April 30, 2010

CAP: Gov. Brewer Signs Pro-Life Bill

Event bill signing
Gov. Brewer Signs Pro-Life Bill at CAP Dinner!

At our CAP Family Dinner Saturday night, Governor Jan Brewer signed SB 1305, prohibiting taxpayer-funded insurance coverage for elective abortions for public employees. With the bill, Arizona became the first state in the nation to opt out of providing abortion coverage in any state insurance exchanges created under Obamacare. Approximately 40 state legislators joined Gov. Brewer on stage, making a powerful statement to our nation that Arizonans' taxpayer dollars won't be used to fund abortions. I especially thank Governor Brewer and the bill's sponsors, Sen. Linda Gray and Rep. Nancy Barto, for their pro-life stands.

CAP Family Dinner 2010: A Night to Remember

Along with the bill signing, Saturday night was full of amazing highlights. Nearly 1,600 people from across Arizona came to support our mission including almost 50 federal, state, and local elected officials.
Gov. Sarah Palin delivered an impassioned speech about the importance of being involved with public policy. She also shared her personal story to choose life when she learned her son Trig would be a precious child with Down Syndrome. Go to our Facebook Page to see pictures from the evening or visit our event highlights page to see pictures and a video from the event!

Protecting, Defending, Promoting Arizona Families

The Arizona House and Senate adjourned yesterday. A total of 12 CAP-supported bills made it to final passage. To date, Gov. Brewer has signed five CAP-supported bills with another five bills awaiting her action. For up-to-date information, visit our online bill status page. Watch for our legislative recap and voting records in your inbox next week.

Your Support Gets SB 1309 to the Governor's Desk
Thanks to all who responded to our Action Alert for SB 1309 regarding parents' rights last week. I also appreciated our national allies' - American Family Association, Family Research Council, and Focus on the Family Action - support for our call to action. Your calls, emails, letters, and prayers made a tangible and visible impact at the legislature. When signed, SB 1309 will protect the rights of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children without unwarranted government intrusion. The bill also requires public schools to have signed parental consent before children participate in sex education classes.

Millenials Struggle with Christian Worldview
A recent article in USA Today cites a poll that shows that 72% of Millenials say they are "more spiritual than religious." We see this attitude reflected in our culture where it is increasingly unpopular to even acknowledge that there is absolute truth. Now more than ever it's important to know and understand the principles of a biblical worldview. Find out about upcoming Truth Project leadership training events and share the TrueU program with your kids and grandkids.

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