Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Left wing Salon admits Hayworth will also win a general election - yet still bashes McCain for flip-flopping

Sort of an interesting piece in Salon; although the writer admits that bashing McCain won't help Democrats, since JD would win a general election just as handily, he lashes out at him anyways. McCain may vote with the Democrats half the time, but he's so willing to flip-flop and turn on them when convenient that he's just as despicable to leftists as a principled conservative. Some excerpts -

The right wing of the Arizona Republican Party has never really made peace with McCain, and that unease has now solidified into a challenge for the Senate nomination, by former Rep. J.D. Hayworth. Under pressure, McCain has been ditching every aspect of his political persona that once made him, if not as remarkable as he thought himself to be, at least vaguely noteworthy.

First, he bizarrely denied ever having claimed the label of "maverick" for himself, in an effort to get away from the centrist reputation he carefully cultivated in the early 2000s. Now, McCain is running hard to the right on immigration, the signature issue on which he’s defied his party's conservatives, and which nearly ate alive his presidential campaign.

There's not much strategic concern for Democrats watching this race: whoever wins the primary is almost certain to win the general election. 

So it's safe for liberals to go ahead and root for Hayworth to finish dismantling what remains of McCain's reputation, with an assist from McCain himself. This guy has been turning on a dime and going with whatever feels easy and convenient for years now: ...zigzagging from right to left, undermining whichever president defeated him most recently.   

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