Wednesday, April 14, 2010

David Schweikert for Congress: Have you ever wondered why...

Dear neighbor, 
Ever wonder why liberal Democrat Congressman Harry Mitchell voted for the Healthcare takeover?
Think about it for a moment.
Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District has one of the highest concentrations of small businesses, yet Mitchell knowingly voted for the Healthcare takeover despite knowing that the higher taxes and mandates would prove devastating to so many businesses in his own district.
The obvious answer is that Mitchell is an unabashed liberal and, like a tiger, he wasn’t going to change his stripes.
But taking a quick look at Mitchell’s fundraising report shows another more troubling reason.
Mitchell is bought and paid for by the liberal labor unions.
In the last three months of 2009, Harry Mitchell took in thousands of dollars in donations from the labor unions. Thousands from SEIU. Thousands from the state and local government employees union. And thousands more from the federal government employees union.
The list goes on and on. In fact, Mitchell has takenseveral hundred thousand dollars from labor unions and you can bet that they were going to get something in return.
When Harry met NancyThese unions have even run TV ads for Mitchell to try and boost him up in the face of uproar here in our district over his support for nationalized healthcare.
And that’s why I need your help today.
While Mitchell was out selling our district’s small businesses down the river with his healthcare vote in exchange for thousands of dollars in union money, we were out talking to the voters of our district and communicating a different vision for Arizona and America.
A vision of a strong economy, good jobs, and a government that listens to your concerns instead of ignoring them, as Mitchell has.
And you have been listening.
In the last three months alone, over 500 new donors have given to our campaign. (If you are one of those donors – thank you!) These aren’t the big spending liberal labor unions. These are good people who have given our campaign mostly $5, $10 and $25 donations.
Good people who are fed up with Harry Mitchell’s brand of liberal politics. Fed up with a Congressman who has sold his vote to Nancy Pelosi and her liberal paymasters. Good people who believe in lower taxes, limited government, and freedom.
These are the people, along with thousands of volunteers, who are going to help us stand up to Mitchell and his labor union bosses this November.
Because it’s with the support of people like you that we will be able to win in November and begin to roll back all of the dangerous and foolish policies that Mitchell and his Democratic bosses in Washington are pushing onto the American public.
It’s not too late to stop them. But I need your help to do it.
Will you help us today with a donation?
Will you join the thousands of other people who are ready to send liberals like Harry Mitchell packing in November?
We will defeat Harry Mitchell in November! But we can’t do it without your help.
Thank you,
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