Monday, April 12, 2010

McCain camp wastes time with goofy college kid ad attacking JD; ducking request for substantive debate

The latest attack ad by the McCain campaign is full of poor taste and personal attacks on JD. Apparently since they can't win on the substantive issues - because JD is much more conservative than McCain, his lifetime score from the American Conservative Union is a 98 compared to McCain's most recent rating of 63 - they've resorted to a sleazy video ad that ignores the issues and instead consists of cheap shots.

The video claims that JD is a "birther," which isn't accurate, and JD himself has stated he is not a "birther." That kind of logic is like accusing JD Hayworth of having green skin even though he clearly doesn't..

The video makes fun of JD for a statement he made worrying that the vague way the Massachusetts Supreme Court has defined marriage, it could be interpreted to permit people to marry horses. If that remark is what McCain's camp thinks is going to win the election for them, they need to hire a new focus group. 

Anytime McCain decides he's more interested in debating substantive issues, rather than cheap shots at JD,  the JD Hayworth campaign would love to set up some debates.

The McCain desperation video can be found here

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