Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tom Horne, candidate for Arizona Attorney General: "Being AG is a man's job"

I am appalled that a Republican candidate for Arizona Attorney General, Tom Horne, has declared, "Being Attorney General is a man's job." What kind of jobs does he think women are suited for, cooking and cleaning? It is this kind of attitude that perpetuates the stereotype that the Republican Party is full of sexists, racists, etc. These kinds of comments are hurting the Republican Party when it comes to the female vote. There are many women like myself who aspire to top legal positions, and find that kind of remark very belittling. I worked hard to get through law school on loans, then took a job as an Assistant Attorney General in Commercial law at the Arizona Attorney General's Office for three years.  Fortunately, the other Republican in this race, Andrew Thomas, is not a sexist. He offered me a high-level position at the County Attorney's Office where I have worked the last 5+ years. I hope the voters realize who really represents Republicans, not some sexist stereotype of Republicans, and vote for Thomas.

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