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MONDAY, APRIL 19, 2010

Phoenix, AZ (April 19) -  J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ), candidate for United States Senate, said today he did not trust Sen. John McCain's last minute change in position on illegal immigration.

"Five years ago, I introduced the 'Enforcement First Act' in the U.S. House of Representatives," Hayworth said. "Had McCain supported my efforts in 2005 to secure the U.S. border, rather than stubbornly support amnesty, we would not be trying to apply quick fixes today."

"This is shameful, election-year politics," Chris Simcox, co-founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps said. "For almost three decades McCain had the office and the opportunity to help close the borders to illegal aliens and he did nothing."

In fact three years ago when McCain was not facing voters for re-election he worked hard to legalize illegal aliens through amnesty in his Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill. Simcox further noted that in a March, 2003 southern Arizona border tour attended by McCain, the American Border Patrol demanded provisions similar to what McCain recommended today.

"It is unfortunate that it took the tragic death of a respected Arizona rancher to invoke action by McCain. I am saddened to think that had McCain implemented our recommendation in 2003, drug cartels would not own the border today.

"It seems that with a tough election on his hands, McCain is trying to hood-wink the voters, ignore his own record and if re-elected return to his pattern of putting Washington first and Arizona second," Simcox said.

"I know Arizonans will see this latest plan for what it is - political gamesmanship," Hayworth said. "McCain keeps trying to invoke 'amnesty amnesia' in Arizona voters. But the sad reality is that McCain has failed Arizonans by waiting so long to work towards real measures to secure our border."

Hayworth's commitment to secure the borders is well known and documented in his book, Whatever it Takes. It is because of his long standing focus on border security that in early March, the National Border Patrol Council local 2544 endorsed J.D. Hayworth over McCain.

"Arizonans have long desired, and long deserved, to have a secure southern border. McCain's effort today is born of political convenience - driven by his need for personal political gain," Hayworth concluded.

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Brittanicus said...

Arizona Taxpayers have past suspected where their hard-earned dollars were going? So the voters of Arizona had enough of their wages being appropriated to support the illegal alien occupancy and now changed the law. Being the first state just across the open border countless numbers of impoverished people have slipped past our thin undermanned line of Border patrol agents. In the last twenty years millions of circumvented our laws, to become a financial burden on every state in the union. This situation is not getting any better, but far worse as Democratic-Liberal influenced legislators have been offering even more welfare programs on a state level. Our government has failed to build the double border fence and Senators like Harry Reid, majority house speaker Pelosi have tried to sacrifice enforcement tools as E-Verify and 287 G police questioning program in different counties. Napolitano has cut budgets for the border patrol, ICE and other sections of the SAVE ACT. As for Sen. John McCain? How expeditiously he has changed his mind about the invasion. First he was all for AMNESTY. Now he's pushing for another anti-illegal immigrant plan. We just can't trust any of them? BUT McCAIN IS CORRECT ON ONE POINT, WE NEED TO MILITARIZE THE BORDER--ARMED AND READY.

The list is long of Pro-illegal immigrant politicians and does not contain just Democratic-with Liberal thinking, but Republicans as well. What America need is--TRUE--moderate conservatism and neither parties are doing what's best for the American people. We already have the 1986 immigration laws on the books and doesn't need being rescinded. If it had been enforced in the first place, we wouldn't have this increasing population of illegal immigrants. We do and should allow highly skilled workers who we don't have to support, but we don't need just anybody who can sneak across our open border. As the border remains wide-open in many places criminals are also appearing in increasing numbers, as well as foreign insurgents, who are being assisted by drug cartels and gang members. The police who are in short supply along the border region, believe that this that drug dealers were responsible for the death of Robert Kurtz on his cattle ranch.

All those politicians implicated in keeping the border unsealed or involved in the pro-amnesty movement must be ejected during primaries or any upcoming election. Learn more about AMNESTY, overpopulation growth, your money paying to support foreign nationals at NumbersUSA. Tell your government, we don't need another financially devastating amnesty at 202-224-3121 Remember taxpayers money spent on illegal immigrants annually, would pay for our foreign wars.